Tuesday with Tuffy

Monsieur La Souris finally arrived yesterday! After being held up for several weeks in the Canadian postal strike, he arrived hot and disheveled but none the worse for wear. Herbert was thrilled to see him and quickly organized a welcome party.

Tuffy was quite surprised to find himself in New Mexico as he was headed for Indiana when he left his last stop in Quebec, so I explained my move and the redirect. Some food and locally-brewed chile verde beer soon put him at ease. He didn't bat an eye at the idea that we put chile even in our beer here - "A delightfully welcoming afterglow," is what he said around a mouthful of chips & guacamole (poor little guy was pretty hungry).

I think he got a little carried away, but who can blame him after all that time cooped up in a box?

If you're not familiar with the Traveling Critters, they are small dolls my miniatures group sends around the world to visit members. We take silly photos of them and post about their adventures. Previously my moose Herbert made the journey, and before him it was Cornelius HeCow. I'll be posting more about Tuffy's visit before he leaves for his next stop in Texas. You can follow all his travels on Tuffy's Facebook page, or catch up on Herbert's adventures.


Anonymous said...

Haha, nice to meet you, Tuffy!

It looks like he and Herbert had a lovely little party. :) Thanks for sharing the fun times with us! ;)

Eva said...

Espero que Tuffy, Herbert y tu tengáis una buena estancia en Nuevo Mexico. Un saludo, Eva

Cinderella Moments said...

Tuffy will be very hot when he gets here in Texas! I guess he'll be used to it. You tell a cute tory.

mijbil said...

This sounds funny! :D
maybe some of them will reach Italy too, sooner or later.. :)

TreeFeathers said...

Mijbil, my miniatures group has had such fun with these Traveling Critters! It's silly fun, and we get to learn more about each other in the process, and see cool photos from all around the world (well so far, just the USA, Canada, and the UK). You should start one going around with some internet friends, it's worth the entertainment! :D

Hm, come to think of it, maybe I should start one going around from my blog here, that would be cool!

- Grace


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