Trucks, Chile, and Baseball: Indiana to New Mexico, With Moose

Well folks, I made it to Albuquerque! That's my new home on the left. I love New Mexico's blue doors!

It was a rather harrowing drive - towing a second vehicle, the rental truck breaking down, and two of the worst traffic accidents I've ever seen at different points along the highways. It took me 41 hours instead of 24, with about 3 hours of naps along the way. But I made it in one piece, along with my trusty companion, Herbert J. Moose. Since I got here it's just been mad unpacking, eating, eating, and more eating, and catching up with all my friends.

Here's a few pictures of my journey for your entertainment - well ok, mostly for my entertainment, but maybe you'll find them interesting. (PS - You can read more about Herbert's previous world travels, or visit him on Facebook.)

Loading up the truck. Exhausting!

Luckily I had Herbert to help.

Ready to go, towing my pickup behind. I never want to do that again, it was nerve-wracking!

Ok wait, how do I turn on the headlights?

Leaving Indiana...

...and entering New Mexico!

Walking along the irrigation ditches by my new home.

Herbert was surprised to find that New Mexico has water and trees.

One of the gates that control the water.

Herbert had to give it a try.

Baseball game, go Isotopes! (Too bad you didn't win...)

I love New Mexico - where else is green chile a standard condiment for your hot dog?

Entertainment between innings... a foot race between Green Chile, Red Chile, a Jar of Salsa, and a Taco. Dude in the red shirt is really into it.

Red Chile won! Red Shirt's buddy is very excited.

Post-game fireworks.


Tallulah Belle said...

Oh my goodness Grace....that is a huge move to have done my yourself ! Sounds like a nightmare at times but I am so glad you are back home again.
The house is really cute :-)


dale's dreams said...

Welcome Home! :)

That is a long trip! I didn't know that NM had trees and water either. ;)

So nice chatting with you the other night. :)

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Tallooley! Isn't the house adorable? I just love it. I'm actually housesitting for a friend for a year (he's off starting a new job), but he may have a hard time prying me out of here when he gets back. :D

- Grace

Patty said...

Congratulations on your move!!! I have a sister that has lived in Santa Fe for the last 30 years and love when I visit her! It is a magical state!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are great! I love Herbert. What a curious (and adorable!) little moose! He must have been such a help with those boxes. xD

I'm glad you got there safely! And the blue doors? Awesome!

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, everyone, I'm so glad to be back home! Been listening to the live mariachi band at the neighbor's backyard party all evening, very entertaining.

Dale, it was nice chatting with you, too. Just let me know when you're ready to add that stuff to your blog and I'll walk you through it. :)

- Grace

TreeFeathers said...

Taylor, Herbert was one of our Travelling Critters in a minis group I belong to - every so often we send a little animal around the world to visit group members. You can read about his adventures and see lots of photos on his Facebook page:

Right now we're waiting for the next Critter, Tuffy La Souris, to arrive. He's been held up in the Canadian postal strike, but he should be here any day now. Herbert's very anxious to show him the local sights!

- Grace

Anonymous said...

Haha, that Traveling Critters idea is AWESOME! I love it! And Herbert makes me think of my blog mascot. ;)

TreeFeathers said...

Oh you should take Lucie sight-seeing around your neck of the woods so we can all learn more about it! And send her off to some friends if she's feeling really adventurous. I'd read all that!

- Grace

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Lucie might like that suggestion of visiting various bloggy friends... I'll have to run it by her. ;) It's a good idea!

Cinderella Moments said...

Oh my what a long trip! Doubling the time is usually how it goes for me too. So many potty breaks! LOL! I'm glad you got to your new home safely.

Sans! said...

Grace, I have missed quite a few f your posts and in the meantime, you have moved?!!!

I love that little house too. You look like you have already settled in quite nicely with your 2 subsequent posts. :)

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Caroline! I hate stopping for potty breaks when I'm on the road, takes up so much time... I usually just limit it to when I stop for gas, so with my pickup truck that's every 300 miles, about 4 hours. (Which works out to exactly the speed limit on the freeway, which I always go exactly. Ahem.) This moving truck, towing a trailer, just had me all discombobulated, though!

- Grace

TreeFeathers said...

Hi Sans, good to see you! Yes, I'm back here in New Mexico again. So happy to be back! I'm STILL getting all moved in, but trying to keep up with things. I'll be posting more pictures tonight or tomorrow. :)

- Grace


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