7 Cool Etsy Treasuries!

More fabulous Etsy treasuries! In the past month(ish), my miniatures have been featured in seven different treasuries. Some really wonderful collections of items, both miniature and life-size.

You're a Little Creepy... (Creepy Miniatures) by SunlitNook included my miniature Twilight Saga books.

Miniature Survival Kit by FallingForSpring featured my Andrew Lang Coloured Fairy Books set.

My 'Wizard of Oz' Miniature Book Set has been included in Follow the Yellow Brick Road by xoribbons.

I Love Little Things by Augenblickphoto included my Library Classics dollhouse books.

Beachy Dream by StudioZen featured my Miniature Sailor's Knot Plaque.

And kaerl included my miniatures in two different treasuries celebrating authors' birthdays:
My hardbound dollhouse version of Heidi is in Johanna Spyri - Author Birthday - June 12,

and my Maurice Sendak miniature book set is in Maurice Sendak - Birthday - June 10.

Thank you all! :)

As always, you can purchase my miniatures in my Etsy shop or directly from my website.


onbeingaminimum said...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, how fun! Isn't it great to feel noticed on Etsy? :)

I just left a couple of comments on a treasury or two! :)

Plushpussycat said...

Congratulations! Enjoy it too! Super fun!

mijbil said...

Gorgeous treasuries, thanks for sharing!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Wow! Those little books are awesome.

Hell Nuki said...

It's very cute :D


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