Miniature Scrimshaw for Your Nautical Scenes

dollhouse scrimshaw

I'm so in love with this new miniature that I've listed - a lovely bit of scrimshaw on a gold stand. For those of you who don't know, scrimshaw is an old art of engraving designs on ivory (usually whale ivory or walrus tusks) or whalebone.The etchings were then accented with pigments like candle black or soot. The images were traditionally nautical in nature, pictures of ships or whaling scenes. The art first became popular with sailors on whaling ships in the 18th century. Since the ban on commercial whaling and harvesting of ivory from other animals it has fallen off, but some people still do it using manufactured ivory-like materials.

These little scrimshaw sculptures are made of cast metal. I've painted them to look like aged ivory and finished the stand in 18k gold leaf with a shiny black base. It would be a great accent to any miniature nautical scene or New England-style dollhouse. It's also a perfect complement to the miniatures sailor's knot plaque I make, which I based on one made by my grandfather. Both are available on my website or in my Etsy shop. Thanks for looking!

dollhouse miniature


Tabitha Corsica said...

This is a lovely piece Grace. Years ago, I knew a fellow from Buffalo NY who actually did such carvings using bone of some sort. His name was Art Weber, I think but I haven't heard anything of him lately.

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Tabitha. I grew up around lots of scrimshaw art in New England. I love doing all that old sailing art in mini, so I'm really thrilled to make these! :)

- Grace

Anonymous said...

Great job! Frankly, I had no idea what a scrimshaw was before this post, LOL. Well, they say you learn something new every day! ;D

Debora said...

That is such a cool object!! One of the things on my list of little fun jobs. I have Tagua-nuts lying around and they can be used to resemble ivory or bone. But they are sóó hard to carve. Still in doubt if these nuts are the way...? Your execution is a great way to make'm. I Love it!!

Susi said...

Maravilloso trabajo, ni quiero imaginar lo que habra costado hacer, es tan real........precioso de verdad y muy original, un gran beso.

TreeFeathers said...

Thank you, everybody, for your comments! :)

- Grace

maria l. said...

Very interesting.
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