ForestFaery Feature: TreeFeathers

I am very honored to have my work featured on the Dreams of Fae blog, written by 14-year-old Taylor Lynn. Taylor is a photographer and budding novelist who is very active on Etsy. She blogs about her art photography and her business, and writes about fellow Etsy artists.

A few weeks ago Taylor included some of my miniature books in a post. After discovering what a huge Harry Potter fan she is I sent her a set of my little Harry Potter books as a thank you. She then asked if she could interview me for her regular "ForestFaery" feature of Etsy artists. I, being easily flattered, was happy to oblige. So pop on over and take a look.

Also pay a visit to her Etsy shop, The ForestFaery, where she sells her original art photography prints. They are really beautiful, I'm so impressed!


Carol Kubrican said...

Congrats on your feature! I enjoyed reading it! Young Taylor Lynn is a talented writer, not to mention her photography!

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Carol! Aren't her photos gorgeous?

- Grace

Kathy said...

Hi read your feature on Taylor's blog.. isn't she the greatest? love miniatures.. was going to follow you but see that your followers are missing too... wonder where they went? will be back though.. adore that house of cards...

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks so much for that nice feature, Grace! <3 I was glad to feature you and your fabulous work. :) Hugs!
~Taylor Lynn <3

ElfRenee said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Melinda said...

What a lovely little feature! :) I'm not sure how I missed this blog after reading the interview Tay did, but I'm glad I ended up here! :)

TreeFeathers said...

Thank you, Simply Smitten and Kathy! Glad you both found my blog. It was really nice of Taylor to write about me, I really appreciate it.

Kathy, not sure why the Followers widget wasn't showing up when you were here, it's showing up for me just fine. Sometimes refreshing the page helps. Otherwise you can add the URL manually to your dashboard. Let me know if you're still having problems so I can look into it.

- Grace


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