Etsy Treasury Features

I'm a bit behind on posting about Etsy treasuries. In the past month, my miniatures have been in three different treasuries. Interesting and colorful themes, so check them out!

She chose Pemberley. Frankly, I would too! by TeezLoueez included my Jane Austen dollhouse books.

Red gift, get your mother:))) by SibelDesign featured my Edgar Allen Poe set.

And my miniature House of Cards has been included in Baby, You're a Firework by NSpottery.

Thank you all! :)

As always, you can purchase my miniature books in my Etsy shop or directly from my website.


Ascension said...

Los libros son fantasticos, sobre todo los de Edgar Allan Poe, me encanta.
Esa torre de cartas es una verdadera preciosidad.
besitos ascension

TreeFeathers said...

Gracias, Ascension! :)

- Grace

Eva said...

Tienes una colección de libros envidiable y el juego de cartas es fabuloso. Un saludo, Eva


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