Swap with Tweety Petie!

I recently did a swap with Bridget of Tweety Petie Products. If you haven't visited her blog yet, you really should - Bridget is only 15 years old, but already an accomplished miniaturist. She works primarily in polymer clay and makes all sorts of scrumptious-looking food and other items.

For our swap Bridget made me a beautiful gingerbread house, decorated with icing and tiny candies. The detail on it is amazing! I love the candy sprinkles all over the roof and delicate icing icicles hanging over the edge.

She also made me an adorable little duck, based on a duck teapot she made previously. I thought it was just too cute, but rather than a teapot I wanted a little toy duck I could put in my toyshop. (I've named it "Ducky the Goose," in honor of a friend's goose; the real Ducky the Goose refused to have anything to do with the other geese on the farm and instead adopted herself into the duck flock, thus her name. It's pretty hilarious to see them all waddling around together with her towering over the others.)

You can see Bridget's post about our swap and the books I made for her, here: Swap with TreeFeathers

Thank you, Bridget, I love my new minis!


Federico Panarello said...

so cute immages!!!

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por esas preciosas miniaturas, vi tus libros en su blog.
Habeis hecho un intercambio fantastico.
besitos ascension

TreeFeathers said...

Doesn't she do great work? :)

- Grace

marlies said...

What a beautiful swap, the house and the duck are wonderfull and perfect!
I go and visit het site,
* marlies


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