Antique Miniature Book Auction

A treasure trove of antique miniature books from a family collection will be auctioned next week by Bamfords Auctioneers of Derbyshire, UK. The 16 beautiful little books are expected to bring over £2000.

The smallest of the books is also the oldest: Bijou Picture of London, measuring just 1-1/8" tall (30mm), was published in 1810 and features 31 engravings of London landmarks. It is valued at £150-200, as is the similarly-sized Bijou Picture of Paris published in 1812. The Holy Bible pictured at left, published in Glasgow in 1896, is a mere 1.5" tall (40mm). It has 376 pages and features engraved plates, gilt-stamped morocco leather binding, and a magnifying glass in a rear pocket. It is expected to bring £200-300.

The Three-Day Antiques and Fine Art Sale will be held March 16-18. Oh, I wish I could be there! Read more about it and see more pictures here.


Christine said...

What amazing little books! Ah, if only to have limitless funds. :-)

rosanna said...

I am speachless

Ascension said...

Grace, son una verdadera obra de arte, que pena no poder conseguirlos.
Gracias por el enlace.
besitos ascension

TreeFeathers said...

I wish I had unlimited funds, too, I'd be on a plane to England! They have a ton of beautiful things listed for that auction, including tiny antique china and plenty of non-miniature treasures, too. I spent a couple hours drooling over the auction listings!

- Grace

Daydreamer said...

Wow! What Gorgeous little books! I have a tiny thumbnail Bible stories that was printed in 1810 and is only one and one quarter inch tall.... but it is in very worn condition ... the top cover is missing altogether... but I love it and would never part with it! I LOVE old treasures!


What lovely little books. I have a leather bound book like a purse. In perfect condition of is 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" translated out of the original Hebrew.By His Majesty's Special Command.Then a Royal Crown.London.Printed by G.E.Eyre and W.Spottiswoode,
Printers to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. WAREHOUSE.189 FLEET STREET. 1857

Could you please tell me if this is
worth anything.

March 11th 2011 9.25pm

TreeFeathers said...

Daydreamer, you're so lucky to have an antique like that! How did you come across it?

- Grace

TreeFeathers said...

Ian, thanks for posting about your little book. I think your best bet for valuation of it would be to contact an auction house like Bamfords (link in the post). They will probably be able to steer you in the right direction or refer you to an appraiser who specializes in such things.

- Grace


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