9 Etsy Treasuries You'll Love

It's been a busy month for treasuries on Etsy! In the past month(ish) my miniature books have been featured in nine treasuries! Pop on over and take a look, lots of great spring themes and inspirational collections.

Think Spring! by dalesdreams included my Curious George 5-volume set.

It's the Little Things by mbush1us featured my Agatha Christie "Miss Marple" set.

E=MC2 by emmett53 included my Jules Verne miniature books.

My miniature gardening book set was included in two treasuries:
Time to do a *Little* Gardening by antb
Breathing in the coming spring by cooljewelrydesign

Sings to my soul by JoMed featured Andrew Lang's Coloured Fairy Books.

FourviereHill included my Herman Melville 10-volume set in To Herman Melville.

Pretty In Pink by Bearcabinminiatures has my miniature Library Classics set.

There is no friend as loyal as a book by ThePeachTree includes my Hemingway 15-volume set.

Thanks to all of you! :)


Eva said...

That's great and well deserved! Congratulations :)

dale said...

How exciting to be in so many treasuries! Good for you, Grace! :)

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Eva, and thank you, Dale, for putting me in your pretty spring treasury! :)

- Grace


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