Ice Palace, Fairy Trees, and Zombies

Help! My house is frozen and I can't get out! Can someone come kick in the door for me?

We got an unbelievable amount of rain and ice here the last two days. The trees are beautiful, they look like they've been carved out of frozen crystal. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. If I could get my door open I'd take a picture for you!

I hope you're all staying warm and safe. I'm going to settle in with a big pot of coffee and watch one of my favorite movies, Dr. Zhivago. (Yes, when I'm not watching zombie movies I have to admit I'm an incurable romantic. But don't tell anyone or I'll send the zombies after you!)

Photo: Ice palace from Dr. Zhivago (1965).


The Old Maid said...

Oh I wish you much better weather soon! We had a very similar weather on the Christmas Eve - first a big big snowing for a few days and then the rain and frost on the Christmas Eve! But it melted down after the New Year :)
Have a good time watching the movie!

TreeFeathers said...

Well I finally got my door open, thank goodness! Now it's snowing out... I have your order ready to go, Ewa, as soon as I can get to the post office! :)

- Grace

Minnie Kitchen said...

Stay safe!!

Mieke said...

Hello Grace, thank you so much for your nice comment,I think you have a wunderful blog !
Have a wunderful day, Mieke

A Little More Minis said...

What is going on with that weather huh??
Here it is pooring rain way too much for days, which is not normal in this area of Greece, than the horrible weather in Australia!!! but what can we do...

I hope you enjoyed the movie?
I LOVE that photo!! Very inspiring ;)

Hugs, Jollie

Sans! said...

I hope you have enough food! Should I send you some fried chicken? Now how are they to be delivered? hmmm..

Wonder what it is like not to be able to come out when you want to. Are you claustrophobic?

TreeFeathers said...

Oh Sans, I love fried chicken! But it would have to be able to fly here to get in, lol. Luckily I stocked up at the grocery store before the storm hit. I am not very claustrophobic, it was kind of cozy to spend a day inside (as long as I have plenty of coffee and good movies!)

I did finally get my door open by late afternoon. The whole world outside is frozen in ice, and now covered by more snow. Crazy weather! I've been watching the news, those poor people in Australia, after all that flooding now there is another storm hitting them. I hope everybody is staying safe and warm.

- Grace

Margaret said...

I love the ice palace photo, it seems we are having extremes of weather in both hemispheres. Here in NSW we are fixed in front of air conditioners with 40-degree celsius temperatures outside, and wind to go with it yesterday. Felt like a tinderbox ready to ignite. Hopefully some rain will settle things down soon.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Thank you for your comment Grace, I'm happy you enjoyed my blog! Yes, I will continue creating miniatures, I love making them. :)
Stay warm and enjoy the view from the warm and cozy indoors.

BlacknickSculpture said...

I'm glad to hear you finally got your door open!
I'm so tired of winter and looking at the dirty grey mounds of snow! I hope spring gets here quick!

Ascension said...

Espero que ya hayas podido salir de casa, seria genial ver una foto de las maravillas "heladas" que tu puedes ver.
Espero que hayas disfrutado de la pelicula y el cafe.
besitos ascension

Eva said...

Oh! creí que era tu seguidora y hoy me he dado cuenta que no era así. ¡Ahora si!.
Gracias por tus comentarios y contestandote a tu pregunta te diré que no sé cuando se hizo la casita de papel. Lo siento. Un saludo, Eva

CLARA said...

Preciosa pelicula. La fotografia preiosa. Disfruta en casa ahora que hace este frio fuera.
Bienvenida a mi blog.
Besos Clara.


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