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Treausry alert! My 12-volume set of Andrew Lang's Coloured Fairy Books has been included in a treasury curated by Elficious, If I could shrink myself into a fairy... She's put together all sorts of wonderful magical items for your home, garden, and dollhouse!

My minis have been in two other treasuries this month, too:

Swedish Hearts by AnnasAdornments includes my miniature Swedish Straw Heart Christmas Ornaments.

Enchanted Story Time... Creating Nostalgic Memories with Your Kids by TforEdgar includes my Chronicles of Narnia 7-volume book set.

Thank you to all of you! :)

You can purchase these items on my website!

Christmas miniatures
dollhouse books


Bridget said...

The books are perfect! Oh how I wish I could buy a set.

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Bridget (you know I almost ended up being named that)! Email me, I just left a comment on your blog.

- Grace

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Congratulations! I really love your books, they are so well made I feel like picking one up and reading it. :)
I also want to thank you for including a link to my tutorials from your website, I just saw it. :)

TreeFeathers said...

No problem, Maia, glad you noticed it, I forgot to let you know I'd posted the link!

- Grace

Jollie said...

Congratulations, you make very beautiful books!!
I guess I have to check out that website of Elficious! (...when my fairy is asleep, so she can't watch it over my shoulder ;) otehrwise she will drive me crazy lol!)

Warm hugs, Jollie


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