Miniature Printies: Vintage Hollywood & Thanksgiving

New printies for you for Thanksgiving! They are high-resolution images to give you good quality printies. They'll be available here and in the Printies section of my website. Enjoy!

There are some Thanksgiving holiday cards from from the early 1900s and a couple of advertisements from the same era. There are also, for no relevant reason except I like them, some 8x10 photos of a few of my favorite old Hollywood movie stars. Click the images for printable pages.

movie stars


Sans! said...

Thank you Grace!!

Mary D. said...

These are great! Thanks once again for sharing. :)

TreeFeathers said...

You're welcome! :)

Blake said...

I love the vintage ones!

I also wanted to apologize! I thought that the "remove content" button was to move it from the inbox thing. lol The comments are the main thing that is confusing me. It is different than what I am used to XD


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