Before the Split Blog Tour & Charity Auction

A uthor Swati Avasthi's "Before the Split" Blog Tour & Charity Auction was a great success. Between the money raised in the auction and Swati's generous $500 donation from her blog tour, over $4100 was raised to benefit the Family Violence Prevention Fund!

To honor National Domestic Violence Awareness month, Swati combined a blog tour for her debut novel, Split, with a charity auction. Over 40 authors, agents, editors and others donated a total of 86 items for the auction - manuscript critiques, query reviews, autographed books, and other goodies (including some minis by Yours Truly - the hardbound mini version of Split that I made brought $25!)

In addition to the auction, Swati had pledged to donate $1 for every comment left on her blog tour, up to $250, and to double the amount if it hit 250 - which it did, 292 comments, way to go! All proceeds go to the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

You can read Swati's closing post for the tour at A Good Addiction.


Swati said...

Thanks so much for your donations! I loved what you donated and cannot wait to get my hands on the miniature copy of Split. Thank you so much for making it for me and for your support of the tour and the auction.

Debbie said...

Many congratulations on the amount raised..x


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