Show Report: 10th Annual Museum of Miniatures Show

This weekend was the 10th Annual Museum of Miniatures Show in Indianapolis, where I had the pleasure of being a dealer. I signed up at the last minute, so it was a mad rush to get ready for it. It was SO nice to do a show that was only an hour or so away rather than halfway across the country!

There were a lot of beautiful miniatures to drool over, and the crowds were pretty good. It was really nice to meet miniaturists from the area. There was an exhibit room, which I did have a chance to see, and workshops, which I didn't, but the people who went to them seemed to have a good time.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go see the museum itself, so that will have be another trip. They took great care of the dealers, with a dealers' lounge set aside where they provided drinks and snacks and a lunch on Saturday. If anyone knows who made that delicious potato-broccoli-bacon salad, let me know, because I'd love to get the recipe!

So, now for my treasures...I restrained myself and only got a couple things - that's the hardest part about doing shows, not spending your profits!

The table across from me was Dorothy Stewart, of Hickory Grove Studio in Ohio. She does the most amazing tiny crochet work. I immediately fell in love with her little dressed monkey dolls, who were displayed riding in a ferris wheel, and right away I knew I had to have one. When Dorothy suggested a trade, I nearly jumped up and down for joy! I chose one in a bonnet and a pink and blue dress (she even has tiny crocheted undies, though for modesty's sake I didn't photograph them. Although I suppose modesty is pretty low on a monkey's priority list.) For some reason her hands look extra-large in my photo, but it's just some weird foreshortening effect.

My other treasure is from Jane Graber, who lives right here in my town. I was very happy to meet her at last and see her beautiful Early American pottery in person, having only seen photographs before. Believe me, photos don't do it justice. She does the most delicate work, in absolutely perfect scale. I picked out two pieces, but it was immediately clear that this is the beginning of a collection - I'm already saving my pennies for her open house next month!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Grace...Cool monkey and crochet work, and i am glad you did well at a show that was near you

Janice said...

My beautiful fairy tale books arrived today. Thank you.

Mini Me said...

I am new to the hobby. What is the best way to find out about shows? I would love to go to one!

TreeFeathers said...

Mini Me, that's a good enough question to merit its own post! I will get a new post with show resources up by this weekend, have to catch up on a few things first, but in the meantime here's a place to get you started:

Janice, glad you got your books, thanks for your order! :)
And thanks, Sherm!

- Grace


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