New Lower Shipping!

I've updated the shipping charges in my webstore, and that's good news for customers!

Previously my method of figuring shipping was dictated by eBay, with their per-item charge. It's always been a problem because I sell some items that are very light and some that are much heavier, so setting a standard per-item shipping charge was difficult. It could also get expensive quickly for customers buying multiple items, even though I capped it at a certain point.

But now I'm free to use the much more versatile methods offered by my website's shopping cart. I've changed it over to a flat shipping charge based on the value of the order; an hour or so of weighing various combinations of items has confirmed these values are in line with the average weights and, thus, actual shipping costs of such orders. (Because I am just that anal detail-oriented, which is why I now know that a customs form weighs exactly .01 of an ounce.)

What all this means is, lower shipping costs for you! An order that might have cost $3.15 before will now be only $2.50, and the savings get bigger as the order gets larger. International buyers will see big savings, too!



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