8 Resources for Finding Miniatures Shows

A recent commenter asked about places to find out about local miniatures shows, and I thought it deserved its own post. Shows are a great place to meet fellow hobbyists, stock up on hard-to-find mini supplies and tools, and see some amazing work! Many shows also offer workshops and "make-it-and-take-it" projects where you can learn new skills and have some fun. So check out these eight websites, and hie thee to a miniatures show!


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Thanks!! I found a lot of useful information, There will be a show in Kenner, La. in May, I'm so excited!!
-Kim :)

TreeFeathers said...

Glad you found it helpful, Kim. Have you been to a minis show before? The one in Kenner should be a great one! :)

- Grace

Sans! said...

Hey Grace, came here to read your feedback on your own mini show and saw that you have bought some goodies :). As usual, your blog is full of useful information!

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Sans! :) I can't wait for Jane's open house so I can start adding to my pottery collection!

- Grace


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