10th Annual Museum of Miniatures Show

I'm hard at work right now getting ready for the 10th Annual Museum of Miniatures Show next weekend! The show is sponsored by The Museum of Miniature Houses of Carmel, Indiana. There will be exhibits, make-it-&-take-it projects, and workshops in addition to the sale. My first show in over a year! I'm very excited, and also can't wait to see the museum. If you're going to be in the area I hope you'll come by, and be sure to stop by my table and say hello!

10th Annual Museum of Miniatures Show

September 17-18, 2010

100 W. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN


Sans! said...

Gd luck at the show, Grace! :)

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Sans! I'm looking forward to it. Do you have miniature shows in Singapore?

- Grace

Sans! said...

Not dollhouse related, Grace. Once in a while, we get a Tamiya exhibition and in November, there is a convention related to anime and toys. I don't even think there is a dollhouse miniature show in South East Asia. The closest is probably Hong Kong or Japan.

Clara said...

Seguro que tu mesa tendrá un éxito grande. Ya nos contarás la experiencia.
Besos Clara


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