Frida Kahlo's Studio by Elsa Mora

C ame across this amazing dollhouse when I was cruising around the web this weekend. Elsa Mora of Los Angeles, CA, transformed Greenleaf's Sugarplum Cottage kit into Kahlo's studio to teach her daughter about the Mexican artist. She also created the doll from polymer clay and fabric. Frida Kahlo's Studio won an honorable mention in the 11th Annual Creatin' Contest at

Elsa, a native of Cuba, moved to Los Angeles in 2001. She is a multimedia artist who enjoys painting, ceramics, drawing, photography, installation illustration and papercutting.

Artist's blog:
Etsy shop:


Sans! said...

Thanks for the link, Grace. I really like this one :). Wanted to crawl in there to look at all the details. I have been fascinated with Frida Kahlo for a long time :)


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