Aahh, Freedom!

Well, I've made a few decisions about my miniatures business--there's going to be some changes around here! First and foremost, I have decided to finally put an end to the living nightmare that dealing with eBay has become, and am closing down my shop there. Between the expense, which just keeps going up and up, and the stress caused by their whole mess, it's just not worth it anymore. It's like working for the world's worst boss, who makes every day one of dread and anxiety, and has taken all the joy out of miniatures for me. So I'm done with it.

Just making that decision makes my stomach feel sooo much better!

It's exciting, too, because this will allow me to put more time and energy into my own website and blog, and on making more new items and handling commissions. I'm going to streamline my catalog of miniature books, focusing more on sets and less on the thousands of individual titles. While I do love being able to offer every book that ever was (yay books!), it is, unfortunately, very time-consuming and unprofitable. Besides making the book itself, there's all the time spent photographing, writing about, adding to the website, etc. So I'll be consolidating many of the singles into sets. I'll still sell single titles on request, I'm sure, but I won't be listing them all individually anymore.

This will also allow me to spend time making other miniatures I love, which has really fallen by the wayside these last few years as I got caught up in the grind. I'm psyched, and my head is spinning with ideas! (Plus, of course, I've got this humongous list of "Things to Make Someday" that's been piling up for years.)

So look for more regular posting here, and lots more new miniatures! And thank you to all my readers and customers and fellow miniaturists who make the hobby and business such a joy to be a part of! :)


Sandra Morris said...

Your life (workwise) seems to be mirroring mine!
I too have abandoned Ebay for much the same reasons as you, and am in the process of re-organising my business so I get to do create the miniature I really enjoy, and jettisoning all the rest.
It's a cathartic (though sometimes traumatic) experience and I'm looking forward to coming out the other end in due course!
Good luck with yours....

Clara said...

¡Estupenda decisión! Si ya no disfrutabas haciendo minis por culpa de tanta presión, haces muy bien.
Además saber que podremos seguir viendo tus trabajos y lo más importante la ilusión que respiras.
Besos Clara.

Ascension said...

Si eres feliz con esa decision, me parece perfecto.
Ahora tendras mas tiempo para hacer tus minis sin prisas ni agobios.
Estoy deseando ver tus nuevos proyectos.
besitos ascension

Mary D. said...

Way to go Grace!! I'm really happy for you. I know how ebay's unfair policies towards the sellers have caused so much undue stress and hardships your way.

Congratulations on this new beginning. You deserve it!

Debbie said...

Wishing you every success with your new beginning Grace. xxx
I have a Love, Hate relationship with Greedbay and I really don't like some of the things they've done to the site.

Janice said...

Good luck with your decision. Have you thought about Etsy at all?
I think Ebay has had its day for real artisans like yourself. I used to buy lots of items but I rarely do now I much prefer to buy direct.

Lyssa and James Bowen said...

Yay, Grace! Having more time to mini must make you very happy. Ebay really has turned into an evil thing. I love all your stuff and as soon as I start getting somewhere with MY Etsy shop, I am planning on popping on over to you to get some fab books!!

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks for all the supportive comments. I'm working on some new things, so I'm keeping motivated! Been updating my website, too, and focusing a bit more on my Etsy shop.

- Grace


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