More New Miniature Gardening Books!

These are the last of the new gardening books I've been working on. You'll find something for just about any miniature gardening need! Blank pages and beautiful illustrated covers, these are all my original designs. I hope you like them!

Note: I'm not sure why the photos are showing up so fuzzy, but of course the actual miniature books are sharp and clear!


Mary D. said...

These books look great! I clicked on them and on the next page there are really clear. Don't you hate when something glitches?

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Mary! They look fine to me, too, on their own pages, I have no idea why the blog is doing that to the photos!

- Grace

TreeFeathers said...

Aha! I fixed the photo problem! Silly me, I had the thumbnails in instead of the actual photos.

Ascension said...

Los libros son una verdadera maravilla, es una pena que no se aprecien bien en las fotos.
Me encantan!!!
besitos ascension

TreeFeathers said...

¡Gracias, Ascension! You are always so kind to comment on my blog, I appreciate it!

- Grace


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