4 Indispensable Links for Decorating Your Dollhouse

Ever get stuck trying to decide on the right paint color or the perfect matching carpet color for your miniature room? Here's four tools you can't live without!

Old House Colors: Information on choosing interior and exterior paint colors for old houses. Most houses look best in the paint colors of their period and have different requirements for color schemes – Arts & Crafts bungalows should look different from Victorian houses, and different from 1920's houses. Interior paint colors are dependant on the fashionable colors of each period. This site will help you choose colors like a pro!

The Virtual Room Designer - This tool gives you a preview of your color choices in an actual room. Choose the room you want to design (kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.), and then try out colors to your heart's content. Let's you choose paint for the walls, trim, ceilings, and even the cabinets in the kitchen. Try out wood flooring, or see how it would look with tile. Change the orientation of the flooring to see how it affects your design.

Design a Room: Brought to you by the folks at Armstrong flooring. Similar to the tool above, but here the focus is more on flooring (natch.) Every type and color of flooring you can think of!

ColorSchemer: This tool is intended for web designers, but since I'm rather color-incompetent, I use it for all kinds of things; it's like having an online color wheel. You can enter in the specifics for your key color (RGB values or Hex number), or just select from the color spectrum at the bottom of the page. Instantly see coordinating complimentary and contrasting colors! You can lighten or darken your color scheme, or click on one of the coordinating colors to focus the scheme on that instead. Very handy.


Sans! said...

Grace, thanks for the links! I bookmarked them all :). This post reminds me of the ID book I just read called Exterior Style. There is a short chapter where they introduce all the different styles of old historical American houses. Maybe I will post them this weekend :).

Tabitha Corsica said...

Thank you Grace!

TreeFeathers said...

Sans, I'd love to see that list, I hope you post it!

- Grace

Norma Bennett said...

Thanks for this great info :)


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