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In my ongoing efforts to declutter the sidebars and yet still provide information and resources, I'm rearranging things a bit around here. I've moved my TreeFeathers links to the top of the page; hopefully this will encourage more people to visit the rest of my website and check out my miniatures store! You may notice some other changes in the next few days as well, but it shouldn't be too disruptive.



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Griffins, traditionally, are Guardians. Often carved at temple doors in ancient times, they were said to guard the way to Wisdom. I, on the other hand, seem to be the Guardian primarily of odd bits of string, pinecones, scraps of paper, mismatched socks, old calendars, homeless imps and gnomes, pencils with no erasers, jokes nobody gets, forgotten gods, keys with no locks, and other people’s lighters. If any of these things might be of use to you, let me know.
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