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Hi folks, I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful spring weather we've been having. After such a cold, snowy winter, I know I sure am!

After several years of being absorbed by other matters, I decided to reopen my Etsy store! Due to the cost of listing, I'll only be putting sets there, not single books, but you can still buy the singles from my TreeFeathers Miniatures website. Pop on over and take a look!


Sans! said...

Grace, I think it is a great idea to have 2 shops to cater for the different items. Just saw your etsy one. Your items are very well presented.

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Sans! :)

- Grace

Jo Raines said...

Grace, you may as well remove all of those listing as I have drooled over all of them on Etsy! LOL! They are all beautiful!


TreeFeathers said...

Oh man, you scared me there for a moment when I saw the first few words of your post, Jody! Thought you were going to tell me something horrible had happened, *whew!* Glad to hear you're drooling, though, lol. I've still got all the children's books to list, I'll probably get that done tonight - you better stock up on saliva!

- Grace


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