Mini storage solution

Miniaturists are always looking for useful storage containers for mini collections and art supplies. Well I made a great find at Family Dollar today - tiny plastic storage boxes with lids. They're sold in packs of eight, for the unbeatable price of $1! They measure 2.5x2 inches, and about 1.5" tall. Perfect for all those little bits and bobs. They'd be good for shipping miniatures, too. You'll find them in the kitchen utensils aisle of the store.

I already know what I'll be using some of them for: holding the leftover bits of custom-mixed paints and plasters that I use. It takes so little for mini projects, I hate to mix up large amounts of custom colors and textures. They tend to dry out quickly in larger containers, so storage has always been a problem. These will be perfect! I'm also going to use them to hold different colors of flocking material, which currently stay in the plastic baggies in which they arrive. I have to pour out piles onto paper plates or into larger containers when I actually use it (and then try to pour the leftover back into the baggies.) This will be a much easier solution.

I think they'll also be handy for storing miniature works in progress, to keep the pieces together and clean. And I can stack them right on the work table within easy reach instead of away in a drawer where they might be forgotten. Maybe it will help me cut down on the UFOs around here!


Ascension said...

Has tenido una buena idea, para esos envases.
Yo busco continuamente cositas que me sirvan para mis minis jejejejeje
Ha sido un placer visitar tu blog.
besitos ascension

Mary D. said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure to check them out. Looks like it would be perfect to keep a curious pet out of too! Love the blog!


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