Bunny rabbits and birth control...

I've start listing some new miniatures for sale in my store. First up, in the spirit of Easter, are handmade fuzzy pink bunny slippers. Just 5/8" (17mm) long, they'd look perfect next to a bed or bathtub!

Next, in the spirit of... bunny rabbits?... just what every modern dollhouse needs - a tiny box of condoms to put by the bed! Handmade box measures 3/8" (1cm), and comes with three individual packets that measure 1/8" (3mm) each. The wrappers don't open, but each one has the telltale "ring" made by the contents. Keep them with the box, or stick one in your miniature man's wallet or woman's purse!


Sans! said...

Hahahahaah! I laughed so loud ,I got everyone here curious so they all came to see your condoms. :) Very clever! Does it say, "Magnum? Only for the Real Men"

Love the bunnies too :)

rosanna said...

You are a genius!!! love both Rosanna

Debbie said...

Fantastic Grace, the box of condoms gave me the giggles. xxx

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena!!!!, por lo originial y lo bien hecho.
Me ha encantado!!!
besitos ascension

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! The condoms were actually a special request by a customer for a project she's working on, but I thought others might get a kick out of them, too. And of course they had to be Magnum size, wouldn't want our little mini guys to get a complex, would we? :D

Tiny Delights said...

Brilliant! I loved the rabbits


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