Jewish texts in miniatures, and some questions

Illuminated Mishneh Torah, c.1350
If you're reading my blog then you probably already know that my specialty is miniature books. I make a couple of different Christian Bibles, and have recently created a miniature Qur'an (soon to be listed). I've had requests now and then for Jewish texts so I've been looking into it, however "looking into it" has left me more confused than ever. So I'm wondering if someone could answer some questions for me:
  1. Is the Talmud published in English at all, or should I make it in its original language? And is that Aramaic or Hebrew? It would only be relevant as far as the title on the cover (and which way the book would face), as I'm not about to attempt to make one full-text in miniature.
  2. Should I make a Jerusalem Talmud, a Babylonian Talmud, or both?
  3. Is there such a thing as a one-volume Talmud, or even 3 or 5 volume set? Or is it always a huge multi-volume set of books?
  4. Are Talmuds ever made with fancy fabulous covers, or do they tend to have plain covers, or does it not matter? Would it ever have gilt page edges? Are there old medieval versions I could recreate, or should I just make a modern style one?
  5. I have already made a Mishneh Torah (with English title) since I happened to come across a beautiful old cover for one. Just how common is this book? I read up on the background and history of it, but it didn't really give me a grasp of whether or not it's a common book these days.
I'd appreciate any direction anyone could give me on this, as I want to make them correctly. You can email me directly at Thanks!


Sans! said...

Let me know when the Qur'an is out!

TreeFeathers said...

I will, Sans, just have to get it photographed. I think you'll like it, it has a beautiful cover!

- Grace


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