What's your dollhouse wish list?

Am I the only one who didn't buy a dollhouse or kit this week? The boards have been buzzing with people showing off their new purchases; I, unfortunately, was not among them. Can't really justify the expenditure right now, of money or of time! (I still have an Orchid kit that my friend Brenda sent me like 2 years ago, waiting to be turned into a toy shop. Now that I've settled into my new home, I'm hoping to get started on it soon. No, really!)

But that hasn't stopped me from doing some wishful window shopping lately. There are a few houses I'd really love to get, and my mind just starts spinning with ideas every time I look at them. The list that follows is my "Will Conceivably Be Able to Get Someday" list, not my "Ha! When I Win the Lottery" list.

The one that has been on my wish list the longest is the front-opening Gloucester by Corona Concepts. I like the arrangement of the house, but I think part of what attracts me is the windows and the corner details, which remind me of the houses in Brittany where I used to live. Because that's what I want to do with it, turn it into a Breton-style townhouse. (Actually, I think it was explained to me that leaving the corner stones exposed is a Norman style, while in Bretagne they tend to plaster over them, but you still see both styles a lot there.) I've been collecting bits and pieces for years for my maison bretonne!

Another front-opening house I really like is 333 Franklin Street by Real Good Toys. What is it about front-opening houses that is so appealing? Is it because they're unusual here in the USA, being more typical of English dollhouses? Is it the realism of an entirely enclosed house with all four walls? Is is the space you can save by not having to turn it around to get inside? Yes, yes, and yes. And add, less to dust since it's enclosed. Franklin Street is a simple style, but offers a lot of possibilities. I'd even like to do a couple of them - one as just apartments, another with a shop downstairs, maybe a dance school upstairs, and who-knows-what on the top floor. And another for the cafe, bookstore, and miniatures shop! You could do a whole street of them and each one could look completely different.

The Victorian Townhouse, also by Real Good Toys, is another with a relatively small footprint but big potential. I like the interesting bay tower (and not just because it opens in front!) It also has movable room dividers, so you can really customize the layout. I'd love to do one as a single home, and another split into apartments. I see another street in the neighborhood!

The last one on (this) list is the McKinley Wall Display house. Another space-saver, this one hangs on the wall but is still quite roomy. I love that it has porches (many wall-hanging houses don't) and an interesting shape and details (many wall-hanging houses don't.) It also has three handy storage drawers at the bottom. Has anyone built this before? I'd love to see more pictures.

So what houses are on your wish list? What dreams and plans do you have for them?


Anonymous said...

Oh great.. now I have a bad case of the "I wants". lol
Seriously thanks for posting!

Tabitha Corsica said...

Ok....so I didn't buy a dollhouse or kit for onew this week (still haing the Street of Shoppes ands consratory in boxes... :-( ) but I am beginning to get hooked on these front-opening models.

I have the Bostonian from RGT...and would love to trade it for a front opening one with a smaller footprint. Sigh...someday....

Jo Raines said...

I, too, am envious of everyone's new projects they bought from HBS during the sale but like you, I need to wire Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse, have a Christmas house I never finished, a garden shed nearly completed and a small kit I've never opened! We'll just have to watch everyone else's progress!


Sans! said...

Love all the houses you post! My dollhouse wishlist however is to blinking start on the 4 I own. Already, Sans! Sigh.. I keep getting distracted.

Tallulah Belle said...

I didn't buy one either :-)

I am really not a fan of the American houses so am saving my pennies till I can buy an English one.

I have to admit though i am sort of liking the new laser cut Tennyson...no idea what I'd do with it though so although I thought about it I didn't buy.

~MiniMaker said...

Guilty! I bought the Willow.

TreeFeathers said...

Well at least I'm not alone in the Wishful Thinking Club! Or the UFO (Unfinished Objects) Club. Hey, is there a Wishful Thinking about UFOs Club? :D

- Grace

Sans! said...

How about the UFO Thinking Wish Club? You know those who keep thinking wishfully about new houses when they haven't finished the old ones? Sign me up please!

TreeFeathers said...

Lol, yeah, I'm a charter member of that club!


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