It's a Winter Wonderland in Indiana

For a place that "doesn't get much snow," we've sure had a lot of it here in the last few weeks. Before moving here I was assured that they usually don't get more than an inch of snow at at time - we have a good couple of feet out there right now! The latest round this week was predicted to leave 1-3", but we got more like 6-8" (that's on top of what fell last week.)

This is a rural area, and there's 2 big hills to get out of my area to the main roads, so once they ice up I'm pretty much stuck here until it melts. After the accident I had trying last month, I'm not taking any chances. My face has healed up, but it left a scar by my eye. I'm now considering a career as a pirate supermodel.

The photos below of our road were taken by my niece on Monday (the one above was our front yard last week.)

This is the same red barn I photographed a few months ago, down the road from here.

Today was gorgeous and sunny, but they say there's more snow on the way this week!


Jo Raines said...

We've had some snow here, too in Upstate, SC and usually either only have a dusting or ice or nothing. I guess it's all the 'global warming'. LOL!


De said...

Welcome to winter in Indiana, Grace. Today it could be snowing and next week we could have a thunderstorm. :-)

TreeFeathers said...

It's snowing again, aaaaahhhhh!!! :D


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