TreeFeathers is now on Facebook!

Well, I finally gave in and created a page on Facebook for TreeFeathers Miniatures, so I hope you'll join as a fan! I added a badge for the page in the navigation menu here (left side) to make it even easier. I also added a tab for 'Life in Miniature' to the page so you can read this blog without ever leaving Facebook!

I'm going to do a drawing next Saturday for everyone who signs on as a fan. The prize will be a 6-volume set of TreeFeathers Miniatures books - the subject of your choice (cookbooks, gardening, children's books, Christmas, etc.) So be sure to get over there and sign up!

I also created a Facebook group, just for fun: Miniaturists: Visionaries with Short Attention Spans. You can post photos, participate in discussions, and keep up on the latest mini news on Facebook!


rosanna said...

Oops, I disconnected yesterday...I do not love Facebook, I'm sorry. It makes me feel too much exposed. But I'm a fan of yours, I tresure the books I bought from you. Hugs Rosanna

Sans! said...

I have a fairly inactive fb account but I have joined. I am also waiting to join your International Silly Day :) celebration which by the way, I think is an absolutely fabulous idea! Start this in the blogosphere :) I think it can work :)

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks for joining, Sans! I understand why a lot of people don't like FB, Rosanna, I'm not a big fan myself but it seemed like I had no choice anymore so I took the plunge! :)

Sans, I think an International Silly Day is a great idea, lol! Maybe I'll start a petition.

- Grace

Unknown said...

YES, I have to visit that new group of yours, Grace!! It sounds like FUN!!

Jo Raines said...

I will have to head over to FB and join you. Grace, I am trying to let everyone out there know that I have changed my blog name from Mini Leaps and Bounds to Peach Blossom Hill. I don't know if you had me listed in your blog list but if you do, I'm letting everyone know to please take a minute and change the name on their blogs. Sorry to be a bother. I don't think many people have discovered but as I tend to be a sporadic blogger as life intervenes, I think I've dropped off the radar! Thanks. My DH is building me my dream log cabin so I will hope to purchase some of your books for it.



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