Ever feel like it's going to be one of those days?


Sans said...

Hahaha! Whenever that happens, I stop doing anything important since I was going to screw it up anyway, and just mini make ! LOL. For you, may I suggest you do nothing except maybe something frivolous like show off your tattoos? ;p

TreeFeathers said...

Heeeyy, who spilled the beans about my tattoo?! It was Kiva's blog, wasn't it? lol! I need to have someone take a photo of it, since it's on my back I've never been able to do that myself.

- Grace

Karin Corbin said...

Sans, that would be the day I would avoid making minis since that is what I consider to be something I would not want to mess up.

Sans said...

Haha! You are absolutely right, Karin! We should all just post pictures of our tattoos ! ;)

Grace, go take that picture already! :)

rosanna said...

But I have not tattoos to show off! May I show you a big pile of ironed clothes ? Noooo, not interesting. But as soon as I'll finish I'll grab my stitching again and close to outer world. Have a nice day Rosanna

TreeFeathers said...

LOL Rosanna, you crack me up!

Sans, as soon as I figure out how to take a photo of my own back, I'll get one of my tattoo! :D

- Grace


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