World's Coolest Mother's Day Present: The Garden

The Garden

From the kitchen a door leads out to the patio garden. It's a very condensed version of the real one, as Fran's garden is huge. Besides cutting in the door and window, I also finished the walls with siding to add to the illusion of an outdoor space. I made all of the individually-laid pavers from clay, and the "cinder-block" garden beds from sculpted foam and plaster.

Special items included in the garden are tomato plants, herbs, yellow iris, the hummingbird feeder and the birdbath, and of course, the turtles! (And yes, I realize one wouldn't have tomato flowers, tomato fruit, blooming iris, and mature carrots all at the same time, but just go with me here...)

The beautiful tomato plants were kits from Belara Beach Originals, wish I had close-up photos because the detail on them is amazing. The lovely iris, the carrots and herb plants, and the gardening gloves were all kits from Bonnie Lavish (I used bits of leaves and branches from a variety of plants to create the "herbs.") I repainted commercial garden tools, turtles and the hummingbird on the feeder.

One of the turtles enjoying a drink of water in the shade of dandelion.

Next up: Construction of the project.


Pubdoll said...

It has been so nice to see all these lovely pictures from this amazing Mother's Day gift. Your work is fanstastic and so much love, thought and personality is put into these rooms and the garden. The mother must have been lost for words when she got it!

My favourites are the family picture wall with shelf in the craftroom and the lovely garden. The tomatoplants look so delicate and I can't understand how you managed to make the dandelion!

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks, Helene, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! Fran was really touched. The dandelion I actually bought at a show, but I can't remember who made it. I just love it, wish I'd bought more.

- Grace


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