Miniature Blog Links (part deux)

(This post referred to links that were previously in my blog sidebar. As the list eventually grew so extensive it was taking over, I have switched to a Featured Blog format that highlights a different blog each day.)

S. Mehreen's Dollhouse Blog - Sumaiya Mehreen keeps this blog very busy with posts about the world of miniatures. She posts about miniature artists, fascinating miniatures she finds on the web and on eBay, interesting miniature art exhibits, and more - with lots of beautiful photographs to drool over!

Tales from a Toymaker chronicles the life and art of Sandra Morris of East Sussex, UK (and the adventures of Small Dog.) Sandra makes exquisite porcelain dolls (1:12 and 1:24) and miniature toys as well as hosting an online doll club.

The Mini Food Blog features the work of numerous miniature food artists. They also provide information and links to tutorials, artisan websites, and other things food-related. I mainly like seeing all the photos of their amazing work, as miniature food is one of those things I just don't have a talent for!

Tiny Treasures is written by Debbie, who lives in southwestern Wales, UK. She posts regularly about her life and miniature projects, with lots of step-by-step progress photos and information. Currently she's working on an Apothecary shop, and I have total mini-glassware envy (wait'll you see the stuff she had made!)

Turnings In Miniature (and more), by Tom Saunders, of Red Deer, Alberta, follows the progress of the miniature Tudor house he's been building from scratch. He also posts about his miniature turnings, with interesting info about the woods and materials he uses to create them.

Un jour a la campagne is another "beautiful blog" (in fact, I think I'm gonna make a post specifically about beautiful blogs!) that I love for it's gorgeous images. Primarily chronicling the evolution of a French Country style dollhouse based on numerous real houses and chateaux, from construction to accessorizing.


Debbie said...

Thank you Grace for the lovely write up about my blog. Glad you like the Glass Ware, I was thrilled to bits with it..
Mini Hugs

TreeFeathers said...

You're welcome, Debbie. I just love that glass, all the twisty tubes and decanters!


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