Miniature Blog Links (part 1)

(This post referred to links that were previously in my blog sidebar. As the list eventually grew so extensive it was taking over, I have switched to a Featured Blog format that highlights a different blog each day.)

The next section of links in the right sidebar of my blog here is Mini Blogs. There are so many mini blogs I can't possibly link to them all... I try to focus my list on those that provide a lot of interesting information about the art of miniatures, good resources, beautiful photos, etc., and that are updated regularly. If you'd like to see even more blogs, then go to my profile and check out the list of blogs I follow. That oughta keep you busy!

Casey's Minis - Casey, based in Tucson, AZ, has been a miniaturist since the 1980s and has had her work published in several miniatures magazines. In addition to her art & design experience, she is an accomplished needleworker and has particular experience in restoring antique miniatures. And as if that's not enough, she's a creative and hilarious writer! Following along with Casey's projects and the exploits of her miniature people is a daily pleasure.

Creating Dollhouse Miniatures - I've posted about this blog before, brainchild of Gaye Coonce of Anderson, CA. All the best handpicked videos of scale miniatures in one place - virtual tours of dollhouses and personal collections, tutorials, inside looks at artists at work - currently there are over 166 videos to watch. The site is also a great resource for links and information about the art of miniatures. Gaye encourages all miniature artists and collectors to create a video and submit it to the site.

Following Troll Tracks features the work of Dolores Maple of Versaille, IN. She is an excellent sculptor, managing to combine realism and humor into some really charming little characters (I love those little sleeping mice!) In addition to regular photos of her latest creations to inspire you, she posts very helpful sculpting tutorials that almost make me feel like I know what I'm doing.

Mini Leaps and Bounds - Jody Raines of South Carolina writes this blog - lots of eye candy here! She posts regularly about her own projects as well as featuring the work of other miniaturists, with lots of beautiful photos.

Miniatures By Rachel - Rachel (based in either Germany or Thailand, or both, according to her profile) is a miniature food artist who works mostly in cold porcelain and Japanese Luna clay. She posts regularly about her latest creations, which are all gorgeous and will make you hungry. I find her work inspiring, so detailed and perfectly scaled!

O Mundo de Zaphia - This blog by Sofia is in Portuguese, translation is provided for numerous languages. But you don't even have to translate it to appreciate her beautiful photographs! She has a real eye for design and color, with a romantic European "chic shabby" sort of look (that other term is copyrighted!) that I just love. She often recreates antique rooms, looks, and items in miniature, so it's fascinating to see how she accomplishes it.

Tomorrow: Mini Blogs, Part Deux!


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Thank you so much for your words!



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You're welcome, Sofia! :)


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