One-Stop Miniature Party Shop

These beautiful miniatures are by Cathy of the The Fabulous Farmhouse. Based in Michigan, USA, Cathy creates a mouth-watering array of cakes, pastries, and candies for every occasion.

The Fabulous Farmhouse is a mini sweet-lover's dream, with desserts and accessories for every celebration. In addition to pastries and candy of all kinds, Cathy makes beautifully wrapped presents
and gift bags, wall banners, and other party accessories.

One thing I particularly love about her items is that they come packaged just like you'd find them in a real store or bakery - tiny little bagged cakes, candies on hang tags, boxed chocolates, and wrapped cookie bouquets. Irresistable!

Cathy's fascination with miniatures began in the Girl Scouts. On one troop outing they
went to see a miniature version of the White House, and she remembers being particularly impressed by the dining room table. These days she finds inspiration in many places, especially the full-scale world. "So often I see something and naturally think it needs to be made in mini," she says.

Cathy works primarily in polymer clay and paper. She says that her favorite part of making miniatures is creating new ones. "I love the creativity part of it. There is really nothing I'd rather be doing than what I am doing now."

The Fabulous Farmhouse Blog is holding a Mother's Day drawing for gift certificates good at their shop. You have until April 9 to enter, no purchase required, so get on over there!

Artist's website: The Fabulous Farmhouse
Artist's blog: The Fabulous Farmhouse Blog


MiniKat said...

Wow she makes beautiful minis! Thank you for pointing me in her direction.

Mary D. said...

Once again you have done it... brought the most delightful items so my attention. I just fell in love with the peeps that Cathy made. They are just adorable!

Thanks so much for posting these blogs!!!

TreeFeathers said...


Jean Day said...

Great minis, so festive, I love the colours, the Peeps look so real.

Debbie said...

Wonderful Work..

Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Hi Grace,
Dollshousesuppliers! I will also put the link on my blog! Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Grace for your kind and very generous post about my minis!
Gotta love peeps right? New colors coming even still. Thanks again!
Cathy McGhee

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies, very sweet of you to post:)

LBrandt said...

I would have never known they were minis if you hadn't stated it. They look sooo real!
Too cute!
I have cone up with a few things myself. You should check it out.

Jemjoop said...

I love the Fabulous Farmhouse too! They always have the cutest minis in their shop. Jen

Anonymous said...

Love those little mini foods, cakes, cup cakes for the doll house. I have a doll house, it's one of my favorite things.


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