Google wins again

Yes, I've given in to yet another piece of the Google beast... their RSS Reader. It would be much easier to refuse to use Google stuff if they would just stop making such useful products! Darn it... their Reader has so many great features, including things I kept wishing the built-in Safari reader had, and some things I never even thought of.

The reason this matters to you, Dear Reader, is because I can now tag interesting and relevant articles as they go by, and have them show up here in my blog! You will notice a couple of new sections in the sidebars (the big blue boxes, they didn't have a color scheme that matched my site) called "TreeFeathers Feeds," showing you the latest printies and tutorials I find on the web. They'll update automatically as I tag new articles. Cool, huh?

I also added one to show my latest eBay listings. I'm going to set up a feed box to show the newest items from my regular sales site, too, but that'll take a little more work while I figure out how to create an RSS feed for them. I realized that although this blog is ostensibly to bring traffic to my website, I forget to actually promote my own stuff most of the time. I just get so busy posting about everyone else's minis, and interesting websites and exhibits and tutorials and such, that I forget all about my own!

Hey! I just realized I can use this Google thing to put a box on my site showing the latest posts from this blog! I think... been wanting that for ages but hadn't figured out a way to do it yet. Well I'm off to see if I can get that to work...

Update: It worked! Plus in the process I figured out how to style the ugly box and the text, so I'll probably fix the ones here on the blog at some point.

Further Update: That worked, too! Now the feed of my newest eBay listings is a nice pretty list that matches everything else instead of a big blue box!

Last Update: As you can see, I've styled all 3 boxes now. The eBay feed I made look like my other link lists here, but I decided to do the printie and tutorial feeds differently, so they wouldn't get lost in all the links. So now they look like notes tacked up in the sidebars!


Caseymini said...

Shame on google for making something so useful! Great additions, Grace!

Pubdoll said...

The additions have already been useful for me, because then I noticed you have made more books perfect for my scale!


Sans! said...

Wow, great gadget indeed and even better of you to bring it to our notice. I am particular about colour scheme as well and yours is working nicely. Those links to tutorials and Jean's printables- superb. Great job! You are my choice for the Proximade award, Grace because you fulfil all the criteria. My post is not up yet. Will drop you a line when it is done. Will you using your banner for click through. Please let me know if it is ok.

TreeFeathers said...

lol Helene, glad you found it useful! Thanks for the order!

Sans, I just discovered Blogger has a gadget you can add to show an RSS feed, and it will automatically be according to your site's style. If you use the Google one (through the Reader, that is - it's all Google!) you'll have to customize the style to match. The advantage of the Reader gadget is it can include multiple feeds, not just one.

And thanks for the award, feel free to use what you need!

- Grace

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