Orlando Miniatures Festival

Sorry for the lack of posts this month - I've been overwhelmed getting ready for the Orlando Miniatures Festival this weekend. I promise to post all about it when I get back! If you're going to be in Orlando, I hope you'll come and see the show.

Orlando Miniatures Festival
Holiday Inn International Drive Resort
Sunday, Feb 22 10am - 4pm
for more information visit: http://mollycromwell.com/

Now back to work, I've just revised my display for the THIRD time, and I have to ship it out tomorrow! Thank goodness Wally World is 24-hours.


Debbie said...

Wishing you every success at the Festival.
Mini Hugs

De said...

Good luck, Grace, and have fun!

TreeFeathers said...

Thank you both! :)

Brenda said...

Wishing you the great success and hope you are having a wonderful time.


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