There Can Be Only One

Oh wait, wrong movie - Who's the final One?

Less than half an hour to go till season premiere! It's been so long, I've almost forgotten what the show was about... something about robots, and the end of Earth, and those damn dirty apes... I just remember it's some of the best sci-fi to hit the airwaves in a looong time, and we're finally gonna FIND OUT!

Thank goodness they've been running a marathon of the last couple seasons today. I've been ensconced in front of the tv, making mini books (there, this post is now officially mini-related!) while I get up to speed again on the fate of the human race.

16 minutes and counting!


TreeFeathers said...

Holy crap! I was not expecting it to be her!

TreeFeathers said...

Well the theories are flying fast and furious over at What's Alan Watching?. This bit posted by Adam Whitehead gave me a chuckle: "SEVEN ARE KNOWN, FOUR ARE IN THE FLEET AND IT REALLY SUCKS TO BE THE OTHER ONE BUT THEY MIGHT TURN UP AGAIN OR SOMETHING, WHO KNOWS?"

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi. Just visitied your website and bought some of your lovely books.
Can't wait for them to arrive. My witch will adore them.
Nikki x


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