Les Boîtes de Charles Matton

Atelier I came across some photos of Charles Matton's work and had to go find out more about him. His "Boxes" are amazing! Each Box depicts an exquisite miniature recreation of a real or imagined location. Elaborate libraries, studios of Classical sculptors, rooms of famous writers - even simple bathrooms become works of art. With painstaking attention to detail Matton creates scenes that truly transport the viewer.

Matton, based in Paris, is well known in Europe, and his work is featured in museum collections in France and Japan. His box scenes were also the subject of a book, Charles Matton, published in 1991. Exhibitions in Paris, Venice and Tokyo have drawn crowds fascinated by his tiny detailed worlds.

Matton Matton says, "I create two kinds of boxes: those whose purpose is to recreate an atmosphere that has delighted me, a memory whose existence I wish to perpetuate; and the more objective pieces that are the result of a detailed examination of the "realistic truth" of a certain place."

I wish I could go to Paris and see his work in person, but we'll have to settle for these photos. Visit his website to see even more!

artist's website: Charles Matton


Karin Corbin said...

Thank you for posting Charles Matton's work. It is fantastic! I was able to visit France a couple of summers ago and immerse myself in the real life buildings, many of which I would love to recreate in miniature. A bonus was my visit coincided with the Dollhouse show in Paris and I was able to see the work of many skilled artisans from Europe.

I would like to share a link to one of my photo albums.
this is a 1:12 scale Santa's Workshop I was commissioned to build. Some of the photos show it furnished with miniatures many of which were created by the owner of the piece. Other photos show the structure as it was being built.


Keep posting, I am really enjoying!

Karin Corbin

CA Verstraete said...

Just incredible! To think of making all those books, but what a result!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link Grace ... the man's work is incredible.



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