Awesome Nation!

The Tomato Nation Fall Challenge wrapped up last night - the $100k goal was not only met, but exceeded! A total of $111,352 was raised to help schoolchildren all over the USA through projects listed at Way to go, everyone! As one person posted, "Times might be tough, but Tomato Nation is tougher."

Funds raised: $111,352
Donors participating: 1162
Children reached: 19,577

Of course this also means that we will once again get to see Sars publicly humiliate herself in a tomato costume. This year she has pledged to take the train - in costume - from NY to Washington, DC, where I'm sure she'll perform another hilarious tomato dance. You don't want to miss it!

Last year's dance at Rockefeller Plaza:


sherman said...

What a cute plump red tomatoe squeezing thru the subway turn stile, sure is a good thing it didn't sqeeze the tomatoe juice outa her! sherman


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