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I've added a search function to the blog - it will also search my regular TreeFeathers website at the same time, so if you're looking for tutorials or something you'll see everything available from both places. Cool, huh?

A couple weeks ago I put a fun map gadget on here (requires Flash) that shows where visitors are coming from. Kind of fun, people are visiting this blog from all over the world! Hello out there! So I added a translation feature. I've switched out the Yahoo translator for a Google one. The Yahoo one seemed more accurate (at least from what I could tell, comparing the page in French on both), but the Google one offers a lot more languages. I put it at the top left, right under the blog archives, so it's easy to access.



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Griffins, traditionally, are Guardians. Often carved at temple doors in ancient times, they were said to guard the way to Wisdom. I, on the other hand, seem to be the Guardian primarily of odd bits of string, pinecones, scraps of paper, mismatched socks, old calendars, homeless imps and gnomes, pencils with no erasers, jokes nobody gets, forgotten gods, keys with no locks, and other people’s lighters. If any of these things might be of use to you, let me know.
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