Miniatures in the Modern Age

The internet has opened up a whole new world to miniaturists - online groups and discussion boards, the ability to find tutorials and other do-it-yourself materials at the click of a mouse.

Now Gaye Coonce of Anderson, CA, has taken the hobby another step forward. She's the mastermind behind Creating Dollhouse Miniatures, a video blog just chock-full of miniature eye-candy. Virtual tours of dollhouses and personal collections, tutorials, inside looks at artists at work - all the best videos of scale miniatures in one place!

"I have spent thousands of hours on YouTube watching countless videos and posting the best," says Gaye. "Many people don't know that there are videos of miniatures on YouTube, and YouTube isn't child-friendly. Handpicking the videos and posting them all to one place that is all about miniatures eliminates that problem. It's also another way to promote miniatures and the artists, and introduce the world of miniatures to a whole new generation."

In addition to the 100+ videos available, Creating Dollhouse Miniatures is a great resource of links and information about the art of miniatures.

Gaye encourages miniature artists and collectors to create a video and submit it to the site. "Anything that promotes the art of miniatures!"

Artist's video blog: Creating Dollhouse Miniatures

Artist's website: My Small Obsession


Anonymous said...

What great site, thanks for posting about it! I'm going to be there for hours!

Anonymous said...

I just spent a good 1/2 hour there gonna explore yours!


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