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There's a new team in town! If you buy or sell miniatures on Etsy, then you'll want to check out the etsyDAM Team (Dolls and Miniatures.) They're a group of doll artists and miniaturists who have joined together to support one another and share their love of dolls and miniatures through discussion, sharing of techniques, and encouragement. The team was formed to help promote their Etsy shops and to spread recognition for the Doll and Miniature arts, on Etsy and beyond.

They've also set up a blog to share doll and miniature information, new work from team members, and other news and information from the worlds of doll and miniature making. I've added it to the handy-dandy list of Mini Blog links in the sidebar.

Etsy Team Page:

Yahoo Discussion Group:


Fall of Roses Wedding Cake by BlueKitty Miniatures



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