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Check out this great new online resource for miniaturists - the Miniature Magazine Article Index, a searchable index that allows users to search dollhouse miniature magazines for articles and how-to projects. So far they have 45 issues of various magazines indexed and are constantly adding to it. The search results provide you with the article title, magazine and issue in which the info can be found, as well as noting which are how-to articles. Pretty handy!


MiniMagIndex said...

Hello! I am the owner of Mini Mag Index and want to let any viewers know my website has changed. Go to to see it. I now have indexed 188 issues and have a filter to find smaller scale articles, too! Always adding issues. Try it out and thanks, Treefeathers for the kind blog!

Kendra Sechovec

TreeFeathers said...

Thanks for the update, Kendra, and for such a great resource! :)

- Grace

TreeFeathers said...

I updated the link in my article so it now works properly.

Kendra Sechovec said...

Wow, Thanks, Grace, for your quick response and updating the original link. Love your site and mini books! Saw that your books were featured in the Teresa Layman Gingerbread Kitchen - Kudos to you!



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