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Thomas Saunders, of Red Deer, Alberta, is the author of the new blog Turnings in Miniature. He is chronicling the construction, from scratch, of several miniature Tudor houses. "I have wanted to build a Tudor House for several years," says Tom. "I also like making furniture and I am really looking forward to making the furniture for these houses."

Turnings in Miniature will also feature Tom's first love, miniature turnings. Bowls, platters, plates, pots, vases - "anything round really floats my boat!" he says. Tom uses mainly wood, stone, acrylic and metal, choosing each piece for its color or grain structure. He strives for realism, and his perfectionism shows in the delicate work. The finished pieces are true works of art.

Tom's interest in scale miniatures began about 50 years ago, with model cars and trucks. Eventually it progressed to military vehicles, and then into "all things radio-controlled," he says. But scale helicopters, hydroplanes, sailboats and gliders "took up way too much room, time and money!" For the past six years or so, Tom has focused on dollhouse miniatures.

"It doesn't really matter what it is, I just have to be making something."

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Decorative Pot made of boldly colored Caramel Swirl acrylic, 15/16" tall.

7/8" tall vase made from Claro Walnut Burl that included a large knot. So delicate that in some spots the wood is only 1/64" thick.



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