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Willard Wigan's Micro-Sculptures

Artist Willard Wigan, of Birmingham, England, is often called the creator of the world's smallest sculptures. These amazing micro-sculptures are so small they fit on the head of a pin, on a grain of sand, or in the eye of a needle. Some are invisible to the naked eye and require a microscope to be seen.

Often taking months to complete a single sculpture, Wigan makes them under a microscope, working between heartbeats to avoid hand
tremors. He uses a tiny surgical blade and shards of glass to carve the microscopic figures out of grains of rice or sand and fragments of sugar. The creations are painted with a single hair or eyelash, and then mounted on pinheads or needles.

You can see more examples of this amazing miniature art at Wigan's website, and this slideshow from the BBC.


Anonymous said...

wow Grace...once again you've found an amazing website that truly leaves me in awe! I cannot begin to realize everything he goes through to create one of these works of art. It makes me ashamed to whine over working with size 20 beads!! *lol*

Keep up the good work.. I love your blogs!!


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