New Blog!

Well I'm finally getting this thing set up... tried doing a blog on myspace, but I hate it, so I'm transferring things over here. In the meantime, if you're looking for some mini stuff to do, check out the links I've added so far, or pop over to my website for tons of projects, printies, and links to keep you busy! You'll also find useful resources like measurement conversion scales, info on resin casting, polymer clay, dollmaking, and more. If you enjoy miniature needlework, check out all the links to free patterns and instructions. There's even a section of small-business resources, for those of you interested in selling your work. Have fun, and be sure and sign the guestbook while you're there!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff, i woke up in the middle of the night to find your e-mail, but it took kathy's directions for me to actually find all of this cool stuff this morning. Will talk to you later .

Anonymous said...

Anothe comment Grace.How does the yellow smily guy tell suchgood jokes and come up with such deep subjects to think on santa being cool cause he knows where all the bad girls live .

TreeFeathers said...

lol... it's a google gadget I put on the page, I actually like the Jack Handey "Deep Thoughts" one better, but it was too big. This one's pretty funny, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey after I asked you I noticed how you could download it there are some real funny ones, I've settled on RobS it seems cool to have renamed myself after all these years as Sherm. I'm having too much funwith my mp3, just finished Shine a Light the soundtrack to the new Martin Scorcese film on the Rolling Stones.

RobS said...

I now have an identity on google /blogger so as not to confuse you anymore

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Just a note to say I like your blog. I have been thiking of starting one. I always thought it would be a lot like talking to yourself and just one more thing to maintain.

Yours is very interesting ... it gives me a few ideas.



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